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5 Occasions To Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks are the best accessory for a wide array of occasions. They inject some personality into any outfit you decide to wear, whether it’s attire for a wedding, a corporate meeting or a night out on the town, Cufflinks can spruce up the blandest of outfits for a clean-cut and stylish finish. And, with a variety of cufflink materials and distinctive designs, we have a pair to suit every occasion. From commemorative pieces to polished profiles, timeless classics and quality craftsmanship, our bespoke, hand-made cufflinks are the ideal accessory to store in your wardrobe for years to come. Here is a list of the occasions where you can finesse your attire with some custom-made cufflinks.

Cufflinks for a Wedding

Cufflinks are a staple wedding accessory. Whether you are attending the event as a guest, presenting a gift or even getting married yourself, a cufflink should always be an essential item on your wedding checklist. Whilst the attention typically tends to be focused on the bride during her big day, it’s important not forget that the groom’s outfit plays a major role too and cufflinks provide a perfect way to soigné your suit to look spectacular. A well-chosen pair of cufflinks can highlight your personality and really make a statement. By choosing a refined design, you can stand out from the crowd, but without being too overbearing. We recommend the F3 cufflinks in reclaimed aircraft aluminium for an eye-catching design.

Cufflinks for a Graduation

After all the hard work and stress, everyone wants to look smart and sophisticated for graduation. And such a special occasion deserves a distinctive pair of cufflinks. Whether it’s for your own graduation, a gift for the graduate or for a proud parent who desires a commemorative piece to complement their suit – it’s important to have an exceptional accessory – particularly if there’s going to be a photo displayed for years to come! We recommend a pair of our simple and engineered steel cufflinks for a contemporary look that is both formal and aesthetically pleasing.

Cufflinks for Work

In work, dazzling attire tends not to be permitted. It can therefore be difficult to stand out and express your personality in a corporate environment. Cufflinks alleviate this problem and ensure that you can bring an appropriate slice of your own style into the office. Looking sharp will only help to emulate an inner professionalism and confidence to help you excel – meaning not only will you look the part, but your attitude will make you feel the part too. And the best part? You can go straight out for afternoon drinks in the same attire – with the classic metallic accessories providing some sophistication to your office wear.
Alternatively, make sure to add cufflinks to any job interview outfit you plan. First impressions are essential in this environment and a classic pair of cufflinks can show that you take yourself seriously. With a simple pair of cufflinks you can show that you have style, good attention to detail and that you take time over your appearance.

Cufflinks for a Black-Tie Event

Surely cufflinks are synonymous to black-tie events? The essential dress code is a shirt with a double-cuff secured by cufflinks (not buttons). These designs do not need to be extremely fancy either, the simpler the better most of often than not. Although, a detailed, polished finish can ensure that you stand out against the monochrome. The trick is to marry your studs, watch and cufflinks – so if silver is your chosen hardware, then synchronisation is key to conform to the black-tie standard. We recommend our Vulcan Cufflink for a classic and masterful link that will help you party the night away.

Cufflinks for a Special Occasion

Many of our customers may showcase their custom made aviation cufflinks for events such as remembrance or armed forces day, where we all commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of our courageous soldiers. In addition to the poppy positioned on your clothing items (prototypically placed on the left side of your body), celebrate the special forces with some bespoke cufflinks that have been flown into battle by the very same soldiers that we honour on these significant occasions. Wear the F4 Phantom Cufflinks made from the genuine and certified aircraft aluminium of Phantom XT907, with the iconic F4 playing a pivotal role with many of the world’s air forces. High-quality, british craftsmanship and hand finished with the latest hi-design, it seems only natural to add these detailed cufflinks to your attire to capture the essence of a classic combat aircraft and the people who flew it…
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