Concorde Flying
Finding sentimental, one of a kind gifts is always advantageous when shopping for someone special. However, this is not always a possibility… The problem many of us face when attempting to buy bespoke products is finding something that is truly special but suits that individual? If your gift is completely out of the ordinary, the problem many of us face is whether they will actually like it? What happens if the gift is so niche, that you completely miss the mark and ultimately purchase a (somewhat more) expensive product that will never be fully utilised. Yes, we get it. Unique and one of a kind gifts may pose this risk. But when we look at the bigger picture, they have far more advantages than your ‘run-of-the-mill’ store-bought gifts. Indeed, at Icarus Originals, our products are truly one of a kind, designed with the consumer in mind. Each cufflink, pendant, or mini-model is custom made and holds a much larger history and sentimental value. Here’s why…

Aviation Cufflinks

Aviation cufflinks are not a new, innovative design that has recently entered the marketplace. Scroll on any Google search page and you will be met by a range of e-commerce sites that sell plane cufflinks for consumers. However, at Icarus Originals, our jewellery is more than just an etching of a plane model cast into silverware. Take our Hawk T1 red arrows cufflinks as an example, these products are produced through a combination of advanced 3D scanning, and CAD design to be stylised replicas of the iconic Hawk jets. They are made from the melted down airframe aluminium of an original Red Arrows Hawk T1, with the casting and finishing taking place within Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter – home of the UK’s jewellery industry. The products are produced through a combination of advanced 3D scanning, and CAD design to be stylised replicas of the iconic Hawk jets; a true British icon. Their beauty lies in the fact that they can be bought for those consumers with a special connection to the armed forces or just a passion for their engineering prowess – worn for both smart and casual outings. The options are endless, but the design has a timeless appeal.

1) Sentimental Plane Jewellery

Jewellery is often an extremely sentimental possession. And when it comes to customised jewellery, the sentimental and emotional value is what entices people to purchase products. Our pieces are genuinely unique and allow our customers to own a small piece of a much larger story. Whether the metal has originated from one of the first Concorde airliners, an iconic classic car or a bullet train from Japan, our products are inherently timeless classics. Knowing that you are walking around with a carefully and painstakingly crafted piece of a Tornado GR4, designed in conjunction with the crew that flew the aircraft enables you to connect with the maker and learn their story on a much deeper level. A piece of history that you can forever treasure.

2) Quality & Craftsmanship

Unlike mass-produced jewellery which is created in bulk and often by automated machinery, Bespoke products are carefully crafted by a designer, with meticulous attention to detail that can only be achieved by human touch. With the very best of British craftsmanship, all of our jewellery is handmade utilising painstaking, traditional jewellery manufacturing processes to create some of the finest bespoke Jewellery money can buy.

3) Computer-Aided Design


A trend within the Bespoke jewellery industry is to incorporate hi-tech design with master craftsmanship to produce a highly professional and detailed product – whilst still encapsulating the hand-made and custom design element that makes bespoke products truly unique.  

The only modern machinery utilised in our cufflink production process is during the design stage, where we use a combination of advanced 3D scanning and CAD design to produce highly detailed and correctly proportioned renderings. Once ready, these are 3D printed in high resolution to create an initial ‘wax’ which can be passed to our master jewellers for casting. This is an extremely challenging and intricate part of the manufacturing process but enables our products to be extremely accurate and precise – creating a highly-personalised and professional product for our customers. 

4)  A Strong Focus On Quality Not Quantity

A jeweller will spend hours and days, designing and perfecting a unique piece of jewellery using the highest-quality metals and stones to meet your expectations. Making a one-off design involves a level of care and focus that is sometimes missed with mass-produced jewellery. Each piece is like a work of art that represents the craft.

Icarus Originals was established to celebrate iconic engineering and design from the UK and around the globe. We do this by crafting our products from genuine, authenticated metals reclaimed from the global icons we seek to commemorate. In this way, we create beautiful cufflinks and other gifts that are inherently unique, since they perfectly capture a small piece of history. From its inception, the company has blended the latest in technical innovation with the very best of traditional British craftsmanship.

5) Great Customer Service

Impeccable customer service is always at the heart of any specialist products, as each design is carefully crafted with the buyer in mind. Understanding what the customer wants and spending time to generate a product that will be of high value for each customer is pivotal, particularly when they will be spending more money than they would on a mass-produced cufflink. As an owner of the business, each customer is very important; therefore, a high level of customer service is a must. 

We are proud to design, manufacture and hand-finish in the UK, where we work with some of the finest and most established jewellers in the industry. Our products’ provenance is authenticated and we can trace an audit line from its manufacture back to the original craft the product commemorates. Icarus Originals will work with you to create beautifully crafted products that are superbly finished and packaged. Moreover, you can then earn a royalty stream through our direct and indirect sales. We also believe that our work should have a wider impact, which is why Icarus Originals not only supports preservation efforts directly but also donates a percentage of profits to related charities.