Skyrora Rocket

Our New Products are out of this world 

A small step for the man, but a giant leap for your collection…

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go to space? To observe the first forays of outer Earth and be up close and personal with the planets and stars. From humble beginnings of orbiting the Earth to walking on the Moon, man has been wondering what it is like in space. And now, you can be the first person to own your own piece of space history…

Not so long ago, in a galaxy far away, Icarus Originals and Skyrora Limited decided to team to produce a range of specialist, bespoke products melted down from Skyrora SKY-1 launch vehicle for a creation that will blast off into the stratosphere and provide you with a truly unique range of accessories. 

Skyrora limited is a new UK company who design, build, integrate and test solutions for vehicle technology that has evolved from previous rocket systems. Their vehicles help to put the ever-growing constellation of small satellites into space. In fact, they are the only launch vehicle developer of scale in all of Europe to launch thousands of satellites, received from across Europe and beyond…

Their facility based in Scotland  is a significant step towards a full rocket launch that is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021. If the launch is successful, Skyrora will make it into the record books as the first company to have completed an orbital launch from Western Europe. And you can obtain a piece of these record-breaking, historic pieces of space history.

Why Icarus Originals are different? 

With space collectables aplenty on the internet, you may be thinking, why Icarus Originals? 

Well, light years ahead of our competitors, our jewellery and gift products stand out in three key ways. 

Provenance: Our pieces are genuinely unique and allow our customers to own a small piece of a much larger story. Whether the metal has originated from one of the first Concorde airliners or a suborbital launch vehicle, our products are inherently timeless classics.

Production: We combine hi-tech design with the traditional casting and hand-finishing techniques passed down through generations of British jewellers. This painstaking process and stringent attention to quality ensures our products are second to none.

Presentation: We want to amaze our customers when they open an Icarus Originals product. All our designs are packaged in a way that beautifully conveys the theme of the icon in question.